We take responsibility


Our climate-neutral activities have been worthwhile:
We are a CLIMATE-NEUTRAL COMPANY and therefore a huge step further on the way to the major target of the climate-neutral economy.

Climate-neutral company, that means:
We have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, reduce them continuously and have Climate protection projects compensated.

Our steps in detail:

1. Calculating emissions
Together with ClimatePartner, we have calculated our CCF – Corporate Carbon Footprint, i.e. the CO2 footprint of our company. In doing so, we take emission sources, such as energy and heating, into consideration, as well as business trips, office supplies and all emissions that we cause as a company.

2. Avoiding and reducing emissions
Our CCF clearly shows us where we can further reduce CO2. We update it on a regular basis, so that we have an overview of our success in reducing and identifying other parameters.
reduced the unavoidable emissions through measures that we have implemented:

• Switch to green electricity / gas
• Installation of a photovoltaic plant.
• Recycling of thermal energy.
• Lighting with LED technology.
• Efficient systems for generating refrigeration and compressed air.
• Modern building insulation.
• Promotion of electric mobility.

3. Compensation of emissions
However, there are still a lot of emissions that we are currently not able to avoid. We consistently compensate them by supporting a climate protection project from the ClimatePartner portfolio: Stopping the flood of plastic. (www.climatepartner.com/1087 - Implemented globally by Plastic Bank. Technology: Marine conservation.)

Money in return for plastic – this is the approach of Plastic Bank. In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and on the Philippines, people are collecting plastic waste. In local collection centres, they can exchange these for money, food, drinking water, mobile phone credit or even school fees. The project ensures that less plastic ends up in the ocean. Instead, it is recycled and processed into so-called Social Plastic, which serves as a raw material for new products, such as packaging. The CO2 compensation takes place via a gold standard climate protection concept, the wind farm on the Philippines: www.climatepartner.com/1091 or our wind turbine project on Aruba: www.climatepartner.com/1040. For each compensated ton of CO2, 10 kg of plastic waste are collected.

We, as a manufacturer of plastic packaging, have committed to the goal of conserving valuable resources and submitting plastic packaging to the cycle. We intend to prevent littering and are therefore enthusiastic about this project and support it with full conviction.

Therefore, we also promote the achievement of the global sustainability targets (Sustainable Development Goals), such as combating poverty or the improvement of living conditions in emerging and developing countries.

4. Creating transparency
With our" Climate-Neutral Company" label and the ID tracking number, we can trace our climate neutrality: