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get into the circular economy with us

Resources and plastic packaging are assets that must be retained.
Therefore, packaging should notbe used on a linear basis and then end up in waste, but rather, be reused and given a “second life”.
We have committed to this goal as a packaging manufacturer. We exclusively use plastic for which there is actual potential for reuse. This way, we form a functioning material flow in established markets – on the basis of existing processing technologies!

With our packaging concept, protect textwe consistently implement this and can proudly present not only a solution that is recyclable, but also circulable. In this way, we are setting new standards in competitiveness and



We follow this principle in our sales and operational processes. We have established measures, whose aim is the avoidance of waste, reduction of materials and costs and the conservation of resources.

For our packagings, it is important that they are recyclable and can be reused in an established aftermarket. In addition to the minimal use of materials, we examine the usability of plastics made of renewable raw materials and enable the compensation of fossil raw materials.



Get into the circular economy with MAAG A functioning circular economy requires cooperation along the entire value chain.
Together with our partners, we commit to the establishment of standards that enable “virgin-like” recyclates and/or reuse. Only with recyclates, whose reusability is guaranteed, can actual circularity be achieved in the market for packagings. This is the only way in which we can prevent thermal recycling (incineration), landfilling or energetically inefficient recycling alternatives.

For this purpose, we maintain a close exchange of information with NGOs and official and political institutions.
Will be pleased to advise you regarding your packagings and general recycling issues. Contact us.

Maag I pro-tect

protect komplett

Out packaging solution for a climate-neutral circular economy
Material, packaging format, dyes and print are designed in consultation with all process participants, such that they can be reused with the result of a “virgin-like” recyclate. We already start this in the design phase.

With Maag I, we not only protect the environment.
The EU Commission is developing guidelines for designing financial incentive systems, in order to support circulable packaging. Licence fees are an important instrument for this. They will be based on the recycling capability of your packaging as the most important attribute.
maag I pro-tect meets these criteria and in the future, it will save you additional licence fees! 

Additional advantages for our clients:

  • Simple, material-type recycling
  • Material savings up to 70%
  • Logistical advantages
  • Solvent savings of up to 75%


We want the best packaging solution for your product. That’s why we concentrate on these core markets with the Maag I pro-tect product:

Fresh Cut Fresh Cut
Fleischwaren Fleischwaren
Sweet and Snacks Sweet and Snacks
Backwaren Backwaren
Hygiene und Kosmetik Hygiene und Kosmetik
Molkerei Molkerei


To implement these targets, our products and processes are continuously optimised to avoid waste and conserve resources - for the benefit of our clients.
An essential element is:

With this concept, we create a needs-based supply concept. Our production process is extremely streamlined and effective. This way we save huge costs with maximum flexibility. We deliver
“Just-in-Sequence” and in the right order and sequence. This way, we avoid surplus quantities and the destruction rate is minimised.


  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Time to market four weeks.
  • Just-in-Sequence delivery within 48 hours.
  • Reduced warehousing. Reduction of working capital by 50%.


Digitisation and process automation:

We use the full potential of digitisation and process automation, in order to increase efficiency, transparency and accuracy of the information processed in the company.
We have digitised processes and automated subsequent information transfer, so that every employee has access to all of the information. This way, we enable maximum efficiency and cost containment.

With Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we have created the precondition for linking enterprise resource systems to one another via standard interfaces. This way, information can be exchanged automatically, such as the order, delivery advice, call-offs or inventories. Not only are errors avoided – the administrative effort in logistics and in order processing are also reduced significantly.
Our SupermaagT comprises a constant exchange of information with our clients and suppliers. Our electronic data system guarantees a trouble-free process and simplifies the interaction.

With the introduction of robotic systems, we are achieving a significant reduction of time and work effort in production and a further reduction of errors.

Print automation and print-image standardisation enable a further increase in productivity.


  • Avoidance of errors.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Increased productivity.

Traceability and transparency

Cooperation along the value chain requires efficient, company-wide processes. Standards are the prerequisite and ensure transparency and efficiency. We cooperate with GS1 for the creation of an integrative total solution.

We guarantee 100% traceability and transparency in each production stage of the packaging by already offering the standard today that will be required from all upstream suppliers in the future: Each of our articles receives its own GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number), on the basis of which, the packaging can be clearly identified.