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The topic of the circular economy for packaging is currently of paramount importance in Europe for branded companies and the flexible packaging industry.

The EU plastics strategy unveiled in January 2018 contains requirements for the reduction of plastic waste and the recyclability of packaging. With the Packaging Act, that came into effect on 01/01/2019, Germany is going even further: companies are compelled to register their packaging centrally. According to the recyclability of their packaging materials, manufacturers must in future reckon with considerably higher fiscal costs.

Maag Circular takes a holistic view of the product life cycle of packaging and supports you in reducing plastic waste, saving resources and making possible the mechanical recycling of your packaging.

Maag Circular is ideally placed at different points of the packaging circle:

even at the packaging design phase, we provide advice to our customers concerning the sustainability of their packaging. Material selection, printing specifications and the amount of adhesives are factors to be checked against the background of sustainability, without neglecting the packaging’s marketing aspect.

During the pre-press and production process, we provide efficient outcomes and a production tailored to serve the market´s need in order to conserve resources.

On the production side, we work under the motto: “The best packaging is one, that has not been produced in the first place”.

A production in line with your requirements (our “SuperMaagT“) avoids excessive quantities and thereby reduces the waste level.

If needed, short-term changes to the packaging design may be undertaken or seasonal promotions implemented at far greater speed than with conventional ordering processes.

Furthermore, as storage is no longer necessary, this leads to an immediate reduction of your working capital to zero.

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The choice of materials is a decisive criterion of sustainability. We help you in choosing the most suitable mono or composites film for the optimal protection of your goods with simultaneous consideration to its recyclability. With Maag / pro-tect and Maag / pro-tectbarrier we offer you single-material packaging made of polypropylene (PP), which in terms of materials is able to be recycled today at higher quotas using the dual system.

Our proposition to you: we analyse and optimise your pre-press process. Thereby we can reduce the number of corrections together. This entails lower costs for you, a faster time-to-market and so far greater flexibility - and not least an even better quality of your packaging.