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Baked goods

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The protection and the marketing of your products form the centrepiece of our business. In this process we have already convinced many high-profile clients to use our packaging solutions.

Fresh and healthy food without any drawn-out preparation - this is the philosophy behind ready-prepared fruit and vegetables. As fresh-cut products perish quickly, their packaging takes on particular importance.

With us, you will receive films for fresh, gas-forming and breathing products.

Consumer habits are currently leading away from traditional mealtimes towards multiple, smaller snacks.

Snacks packaging sees the emergence of small units, design and materials to stand out from the crowd, such as packaging allowing opening and reclosing. We find the right solution for you!


Baked goods are exposed to rapid microbial spoiling, so that the task of the packaging is equally split between its characteristic of being sales packaging and that of preservation of quality.

We deliver packaging, guaranteeing the taste and the freshness of your product, whether biscuits, rolls or croissants.

With hygienic, cosmetic or wet cloths, as well as plant-based nutrition, there is the challenge that the packaging must be able to resist often aggressive contents. We know from our experience, which composites are suitable for which contents. Feel free to consult us!