Höchste Qualitätsstandards und maximale Rohmaterialeffizienz

protect komplett

Out packaging solution for a climate-neutral circular economy
Material, packaging format, dyes and print are designed in consultation with all process participants, such that they can be reused with the result of a “virgin-like” recyclate. We already start this in the design phase.

With Maag I, we not only protect the environment.
The EU Commission is developing guidelines for designing financial incentive systems, in order to support circulable packaging. Licence fees are an important instrument for this. They will be based on the recycling capability of your packaging as the most important attribute.
maag I pro-tect meets these criteria and in the future, it will save you additional licence fees! 

Additional advantages for our clients:

  • Simple, material-type recycling
  • Material savings up to 70%
  • Logistical advantages
  • Solvent savings of up to 75%


We want the best packaging solution for your product. That’s why we concentrate on these core markets with the Maag I pro-tect product: