Maag GmbH | Perforierte atmungsaktive Folien Verpackungsfolien Technische Folien Automatenfolien Folienverarbeitung Kaschierte Folien

The people behind Maag

On the international market for flexible packagings we are well known for our wide range of services and our unique production depth in the processing of plastic film.

Our corporate culture is based on trustworthy and result-oriented action in collaboration with our customers. Our awareness of social responsibility is a part of this corporate culture and creates trust in our employees in all areas of the company.

In the course of time this has resulted in a highly qualified team of specialists with a firm sense of responsibility. Their team spirit, creativity and willingness to provide a service are appreciated by our customers. The combination of man and machine ensures the success of our company and provides customized solutions for every job based on state-of-the-art technologies.

We would be pleased to work with you to develop forward-looking solutions for your products.